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Monday, Jul. 11, 2022
7:41 p.m.
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Tiny baby girl (less tiny, less baby these days) walks run stretches her tiny feet back and forth across our floors. She tip tap toes to one side of the house then back, faster every day, her motions stilted like she's speedwalking, her diaper butt swaying back and forth.

Things I already miss: when she used to fall asleep in my arms, sitting her upright in her little cushion to play with toys next to me while I worked, when she used to be afraid of the purple moon in the Hey Bear videos and every time it came on she would duck down behind her cushions to hide from the moon.

Things I will miss soon: solving pretty much every problem with a bottle or tickles or both, how when I ask her to imitate my speech the first thing she says is "ma ma" but slower like she's really trying hard to make a different sound but doesn't understand how her mouth works yet, how funny she thinks it is to climb behind me so I'll squish her with my back, how she doesn't like getting kisses but sometimes if I ask first "can mama have kisses?" she will stop and think about it and then lean her tiny baby face closer to mine like "yes peasant I suppose kisses would be acceptable right now".

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