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Saturday, Aug. 10, 2019
6:26 a.m.
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3 weeks left before we move to Sin City. Feels permanent, feels forever; it isn't. 3 weeks left to button my lip.

I write programs to help kids with autism understand things. Idioms are a thing my kids often need help with. Two weeks ago I opened targets for one child: "see eye to eye", "falling on deaf ears", "biting your tongue". This week I messaged my friend and colleague about the idioms I'd happened to choose; how now in retrospect it is clear I am struggling with conflict resolution.

I emailed HR to complain about the CEO belittling everyone. I forwarded the email thread in which she repeated "I'm disappointed" multiple times and I wrote that it's unnecessary and uncalled for in a professional environment, both because of the inappropriate tone and because there was nothing for her to be disappointed in. The response I received was that the CEO had counter-complained about me, because I start my emails with "Hi," not "Hi," and then a separate line.

3 more weeks.

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